Game crashing after update

  • @Jeaningenius Same for me.

  • @Administrator This is happening on my 1 year old Macbook as of a few days ago. Installed the update weeks ago.

  • I have been unable to play on my iPad mini since the new update. The game crashes repeatedly as soon as the game board loads. Working great on my PC.

  • The same for my ipad, after loading the map and choose the first place is just closing the app. I even tried to see if the tutorial is working ... surprise ... is the same

  • Same here. This have been around a month and no response?

  • Our dev team has been able to find the reason behind the issues on 1 GB RAM iOS 12.x devices. Apple regulated the usage of RAM by a single App with the introduction of iOS 12.X. If running iOS 11 on the same device the App wouldn't crash.

    We are now implementing a solution that will detect the low RAM + iOS 12.X before starting a game. The Game will then start to scale down certain assets to lower resolutions so that iOS doesn´t force close our App. As you might imagine this will take a bit of time to test since we do have quite a few of graphics assets ( eg progress cards) that have to be checked before release.

    BUT(!) the fix should be available in the next update we release.

    Thank you all very much for your patience!

  • Is this actually ever going to be addressed, or will you start refunding money? It's been 3 months.

  • @Administrator when with this update be available I’m running 12.4.8 on apple 32gb Air and it crashes on immediate load up scenario.

  • @administrators Anyone? Update?

  • The Admin on the Discord server said the update is supposed to be out this month, but no specific date.

  • Mine crashes intermittently/randomly. Game freezes, I can leave and get back in, the animation shows the last players turn them freezes. The dice button is blank and all player avatars go blank, but the animations still work (as AI players seethe and tap their watches 😬). PC+Pixel phone with tons of available memory and, based on previous posts, I don't think this is an older device/lack of memory issue.

  • @administrators, @Developers
    Can we please have an update. It's been like 4 months without being able to play on my ipad. Just horrible.

  • As for everyone else, the game is crashing. Administrators, you promised an update 3 months ago. At the very minimum, please let us know “you’ve hit roadblocks”, “are struggling with personnel”, “are sipping margaritas from the loads of money you’re making of Catan gold sales and you’re all continually too drunk to to any decent coding / bug fixes” or “the cat ate your homework”. Please give us something, thank you!

  • Anyone out there? @Developers? @administrators? @Moderators? @KOSMOS? How about a fix? How about some information? This used to be my favorite game. Clearly that's no longer the case because I haven't been able to play it for 4 months.

  • @Developers @Moderators @KOSMOS @administrators
    Why can we not get an update?

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