Game crashing after update

  • Hi - I'm playing Catan Universe (CU) on an iPad and also my iPhone. CU has just upgraded to the latest version. I had to log in afresh and then when I joined a multi-player free match and placed my first settlement the game crashed. I then went back in and placed my first road and the game crashed again. Repeat the sequence and placed my second settlement - the game crashed. By the time I went back in, I'd been timed out! This is very irritating and needs to be addressed by Catan. Clearly, there have been issues as sen by the comments on this blog. Cheers!

  • All- admin was talking about RAM memory not your storage (flash memory) capacity. This game consumes huge amounts of RAM so play on your newest device. Not excusing their poor implementation though...

  • @Administrator
    Are they working on fixing this app so I can play again??
    My iPad worked perfectly fine for me to play Settlers of Catan until this damn update. And it worked well enough for the developers to take my money.
    No, I’m not a serious gamer... I’m an adoptive mom raising a special needs child who used Catan as a relaxation tool. Now that’s gone and I’m not happy. And I’m especially not happy with people telling me it’s my fault because I can only afford an iPad on which to play.
    You took my money. I deserve a platform on which to play with my iPad.

  • Me too....what is being done about this? I don’t see any comments from the Catan folks.....

  • @Administrator I am on an iPad air with 128 GB. I had no issue with previous version of the game. Now, it crashes after it appears to be loading players.

  • @Administrator
    I am playing on an iPad Air with 32GB and over 15 GB available, using iOS 12.4.7.

    I have turned off the animations within the game. The game crashes every single time I try to place my first settlement/when the AI place its first settlement. I have tried about 20 times on about five different days and and it crashes every time. When do you think this will be fixed?

  • Yes, the same thing has been happening to me as well. I’m on an iPad and every time during the set up phase it crashes. I thought for sure it was my device so I restarted my entire iPad and deleted all my apps only to have it crash again. I’ve never had this problem before the update. I’m so sad. Please fix it soon.

  • I can play the game via the PC but not with a relatively new Ipad Air. As soon as I click the green checkbox to record the positioning of my settlement, Catan crashes. It seems like my entry is not making it into the database. There may be lock in the database that triggers the crashing. Thanks.

  • I'm having the same issue. I'm on iPad. I've lost at least 3 scrolls. When is an update planned? Can I get my scrolls replaced? I paid for them.

  • Im on iPad mini and it worked great before the update @administrators Please fix this bug. I love the game and cannot play. The animation is NOT worth this hassle.

  • @Administrator I have the issue on an iPad mini 2 running ios 12.4.7. I am afraid to update on my iPhone x. I do have more than 5gb of space free on my iPad.

  • Having the same issue on my iPad mini. Works totally fine on my Google pixel phone though, but it's much better to play on the iPad. Any idea on fixes? Thanks

  • Our team is investigating the issues on old iOs Devices with 1 GB of RAM running iOS 12.X. It seems like this particular combination is causing the game to get shut down by the operating system when either a 4 player match is loaded or the first settlement is placed in a 3 player match.

    At the moment we believe this has to do with the OS shutting down the APP due to the very limited amount of RAM which is partly reserved for the OS.

    Our tests have shown the same devices using iOS 11 to have no problem running the App.

    We do hope there will be a quick fix for the issue but it may as well take as a little while to adjust the graphics for that certain combination of devices and iOS combinations without sacrificing too much of it for newer device iOS combos which are way more powerful.

    Please rest assured that our team is working full speed on that. We are truly sorry about the inconveniences and we encourage users which are affected by this issue to switch to another device until we have been able to fix it, if possible.

    As long as you log in using your Catan Universe account you will be able to use your purchases.

  • @Administrator are we able to download the older version until a fix is made to the v2?

  • administrators


    Regrettably, that is not possible on the App Store / iOS as long as the latest version supports the OS version in general.

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