Catan 2.0 keeps crashing!

  • @administrators Can you fix the crashing issue? Otherwise refund please! Thank you for understanding that is pretty frustrating!
    Hope you guys are busy with solving this! Cheers

  • Every time a settlement is placed my app closes....iPad mini

  • Has anyone tried deleting and reinstalling

  • @Administrator
    Do you have any fixes yet for us iPad Mini members?

  • @Administrator I am running Windows 10, have been playing weekly for a while and was working great until Update Catan 2.0, now when I try to open, it fails and I get a message, "Catanuniverse has stopped working..."

  • @VashTS @Administrator I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, rebooting, etc. I'm really sad, I've been playing with friends from High School and now we live in different states. Please help!

  • @ibldenver I deleted and reinstalled completely. It still crashed as soon as the first placement went down.

  • Same problem here. I emailed right away, but haven't heard anything. @Administrator I'm on an iPad mini running 12.4.7. No previous issues, now it crashes at the start of any game in all modes.

  • Our team is investigating the issues on old iOs Devices with 1 GB of RAM running iOS 12.X. It seems like this particular combination is causing the game to get shut down by the operating system when either a 4 player match is loaded or the first settlement is placed in a 3 player match.

    At the moment we believe this has to do with the OS shutting down the APP due to the very limited amount of RAM which is partly reserved for the OS.

    Our tests have shown the same devices using iOS 11 to have no problem running the App.

    We do hope there will be a quick fix for the issue but it may as well take as a little while to adjust the graphics for that certain combination of devices and iOS combinations without sacrificing too much of it for newer device iOS combos which are way more powerful.

    Please rest assured that our team is working full speed on that. We are truly sorry about the inconveniences and we encourage users which are affected by this issue to switch to another device until we have been able to fix it, if possible.

    As long as you log in using your Catan Universe account you will be able to use your purchases.

  • @Administrator is it possible to make the new graphics a feature that can be adjusted is the settings? From reading some of the posts it seems like many who can play the new version are unhappy with the new graphics and would like the option to turn them off.

  • game freezing up on my Android device. midway through two games now when after building a road the game freezes for me, road doesn't even appear and I am unable to do anything except chat.

    very frustrating but maybe a different issue then others are seeing here.

  • @Administrator it has been almost 2 full weeks since you posted the information regarding the issue, and I don’t even know how long since the actual game update that has negatively affected so many. Is there any new news on a fix?

  • @administrator or @administrators in case anyone is wondering, the new update did not fix the issue. :(

  • Ipad Air 12.4.8. Crashes as the game is loading. Every time.

  • @administrators any news on that issue? Still crashing! It worked perfectly fine with the old version of Catan!

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