Catan 2.0 keeps crashing!

  • Same is happening to me

  • @Administrator I am using an iPad Air 12.4.7, I also updated my whole iOS in hopes of fixing this problem. I also play on an iPhone 8, but will not update on that device as it is now the only way I can play

  • @Administrator the same for me on my iPad. Updated iPad to 12.4.7. Same device I played on with Catan Really don’t ant to mess up my Karma. Please advise

  • I have an IPad Air running 12.4.6 and it crashes every time I place my first settlement. This is getting pretty frustrating.

  • @Administrator The new update works fine for me. I play on :computer: computer via steam. :dash:

  • @Administrator I am using an iPad with iOS 12.4.7 and I am having the same issues that others are describing - getting kicked out of multiplayer. When I start a game with the AI, it crashes before I can build even one settlement.

  • This post is deleted!

  • My ipad air (software version12.4.7) crashes within the first minute I start the game.

  • My catan universe completely crashed i updated or did something and my game is all messed up, I cant find find anyone on my friendliest please help

  • iPhone 6 Plus, IOS 12.4.7. I can’t even start a game - it shows the players to create the match (AI) and then the app closes. This is a significant IOS version for everyone using previous generation devices. Did you even test it before releasing it?

    I just hope that once it runs I can finally put down a road without having to tap 40 times within 2mm on the screen to get the magic spot (especially since there is no other conceivable reason that I’d ever need to tap the straight edge of a hex in the game).

  • @Administrator ,
    Mi catan versión doesent start since the last versione was released (two days ago). My mobile phone Is Xiaomi redmi note 9s. I Hope you can help me.

  • @administrators crashes every time when using iPad Air 12.4.6

  • Crashes every time on my iPad Air. Game doesn’t begin, it just states which AI I’ll be playing against then crashes completely.

  • Here also, after update 2.0 crashes after every move. Please fix!
    Not playable.
    Use IPad with IOS 13

  • iPad Mini 2. Ditto, no joy.

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