Catan 2.0 keeps crashing!

  • Still crashing for me too. Come on guys.

  • PC - steam
    @administrators: honestly, do you really think it is the device, which makes the game unplayable for over 4 years now???
    ...maybe the idea to connect all these devices...

  • absolutely agree. I rather not start a game than having to deal with the frustration of not being able to end a multiplayer game.

  • Same problem here on my iPad Air 12.4.7
    Please reinstate my 5 star rating themusicalchef555

  • @eowyn.van.der.zee
    They are getting close. It works great from my PC. I would like my 5 star rating reinstated

  • Same issue as many here are reporting. App keeps crashing, iPad Mini 2. Was trying out the app, not played before. Bit underwhelming to see this issue has been known for ages but is still not fixed

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