Catan 2.0 keeps crashing!

  • I have just downloaded the Catan 2.0 iPad Update and it keeps crashing when I go into a game. It does this in all games: including playing with friends, against the AI or other members of the Catan community. How can I fix this ASAP as I want to play!

    I have also lost my 5 Star karma rating because it crashed during a game.

  • Same for me and my friends. We tried to play different games, and we can never start a game together.. We all wasted 5 parchments each...

  • Same here... Crashes ALL the time, completely unusable...

  • I have had 3 games crash tonight following the upgrade. Prior to the 3rd and final one of the night, I could no longer build on an active game. When I would attempt to build a ship or road, the almanac would pop up and tell me that the resources were. Clicking and dragging the item to the position I wanted to build was also unsuccessful.

  • I updated to 2.0 on my iPad Air and now the app crashes as soon as I place my first settlement in any single player game. I have logged off and back on several times, no change. I’m so disappointed because I play at least three times a day. This needs to be fixed ASAP or I want a refund.

  • Same problem - also on iOS 😕 super frustrating!

  • Yep, same here. My iOS is 12.4.7. My internet is fine. This has happened to me 4 or 5 times and I've lost ELO and Karma. I have not even been able to place a road on the map before I am kicked out, only to return to, "You lost your internet connection and were kicked out of the game." But I have not lost my internet connection. You need to either fix this, or give out refunds.

  • Could you please give us more info on what devices you are using?

  • I have the same issues. I am on a IPhone 6 with the IOS 12.4.7. Everytime I try to play a match (single, multi, custom), the app crash on the loading screen.

    I’ve tried to reload the app and to restart my phone but it didn’t work

  • @Administrator iPhone 6, 12.4.4

  • @Administrator I am using an iPad mini (pretty old version but up to date iOS) and it keeps crashing on the animation when a road is played)

  • @Administrator I am using an iPad Air software version 12.4.6 which is the same device I was using before the 2.0 update with no issues

  • Thanks for the additional info. We will look into it

  • I cannot play at all now, please help. I am on an iPad Air MD785LL/B 12.4.6 ios. The game crashes every time I begin to play.

  • 2.0 keeps crashing for me too. I'm on an older iPad OS 10.3.3. I turned off the (stupid and unnecessary) animations and all the panning and zooming (it was making me sick anyways). Still, when the robber gets moved or when something gets built and "the earth moves" to show "impact" (really? why?). I get booted out. Maybe roll all that back or at least let me turn it off. Thanks.

  • 12.4.7 iPad crashes as soon as any player places a piece. No issues on login screen, in game only.

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