Catan Universe 2.0.0

  • Hello,
    I just tried the new update, I want to tell you that you say you just lost a player. This new version is mediocre, especially from a graphical point of view, the game has completely lost its charm, the visible cards, the possibility to chat with other players, etc... with this new update the game experience has become lifeless, the only way to communicate with the emojis takes away everything that makes the beauty of the game: communication, sharing points of view, diplomacy, argumentation. You've ruined a beautiful game. In one game with this new version, everything I loved about the game is gone, I just deleted it.

  • You're right !! What did they do to catan ? They erased all the beauty and the interest of a board game. I 'll delete this apply cause it's a shame : who made this 2.0 version SPITTED ON THE FACE OF Frank Teuber and is fans ! Put it on a playstation and get the gamers (who'll say, by the way, it's a pity game for them, cause U don't get the point) I'm a real fan, I play 5 to 7 game a day caue i need my dose of my favorite boardgame. To sum it up : "When I want a steak, I buy a real steak. When I want vegetables, I buy real vegetables. When I buy a steak and U give me a vegan substitute, U're just a seven "

  • because*

  • Was just about to play a game on the 2.0.0, reeeeeally hoped they fixed the bugs. First game in I place my first settlement, and then nothing happens. Game is stucked. On the chat we're all pissed. If we leave we loose elo and Karma. All this for nothing. Spent all this time on a new interface (that no one asked for) and didn't fix the bugs. This is ridiculous.

  • Yes, absolutely right. The game feels very slow and sluggish. The animations are weird and distracting. The communication is gone. Even just starting a games take you through 3 different screens. Just bought this game a few days ago and really really regret it now.

  • I quit mid game in my first 2.0 game. I hate to give up the game i love but I can't stand changes that make the game unbearably slow. Why waste time with closeup views of individual plays and visits to the the ship as it moves? CRAZY WASTES of TIME!!
    Catan was a simple game to understand and play. Trades were easy to offer and counter offer. New click, drag and drops required to make changes are unnecessarily complex. Catan is no longer simple and easy to understand. Please change it back. After playing 6,000 hours I can't stand the game.

  • The worst update ever…
    No wishes of the players were taken into consideration. On the contrary, what was somewhat okay was broken now and was introduced what no one wanted… more slow animations.

    We wanted: all trade options (to have the possibility to answer “I don’t have that resource”, which prevents useless offers or “I want more resources”), option to play with friendly robber in auto match, option for human substitute, option to watch other games, option to kick the player who isn't playing (when the kick timer doesn’t work), better dice algorithm, better programming for the AI player, no more frozen games, multicatan, lobby and so on…

    What we get: EVEN MORE SLOW ANIMATION!!!!, no option to SEE our cards (the resources), which is the most horrible thing until now and we don't have the possibility to SEE the trades normally, which is the most important thing in the Catan Game - THE RESOURCES AND THE TRADES! We are forced to watch so many animations, but we can't really see when a player trades resources with the bank... this is isn't happening in the real life and is a strategy killer. Other question, for what reason is more important to see the development cards then the resources cards?? Everything is messed up and incredibly slow. @administrators @Developers PLEASE solve the resource and trade problems and give us the possibility to get rid of the slow and useless animations!

  • I can't seem to login on the app now but can log in on here - password reset won't work either. can anyone help????

  • Really not a fan of the updated version. It's so much harder to see what's going on. All symbols seem to be smaller meaning you have to focus more and cant relax and enjoy. Not sure why there's 2 different trade windows, and why one is over the other side of the screen to your cards. I really dislike not being able to see my cards and what other people are doing with their cards. Extra animations just slow down the pace of the game. I don't mind waiting for a player to think, but waiting for animations is just frustrating.

  • Totally agree, the focus should be on fixing bugs, not new slower animations. The game feels very sluggish now. I can understand that the game should look nice, but the new ui is defenitely a step down.

  • What in gods name did you do to Catan? Like the entire charm of playing this is gone down the drain.

    • unnecessary graphics and animation added
    • chat isnt friendly anymore
    • the charm of cards being 'cards' is gone. who asked you give numbers?? like really who?
    • i dont want you to spoon feed me if i can build a road or a city or now buy a card. why those prompts?

    I can go on and on. you just crapped all over it

  • The new version is awful! Completely agree with others - very slow, poor animation, difficult to place settlements when playing on phone, graphics and view are horrible and most importantly - how can you take away the ability to chat to others during the game. Massive disappointment.

  • Please listen to the players here.

    1. Change it back to the original version
    2. Fix the dice roll algorithms

    Everyone will be happy and you won't lose players.

  • My biggest gripes are:

    1. Base game now costs 500 gold where it only cost 300 gold previously. I'm new and I waited to buy it because I was getting booted from so many games that I wasn't sure it was worth purchasing. They've almost doubled the price as far as I can tell. Now I'm even less likely to buy it.
    2. There really needs to be an option to randomize the board with the free Match version.
    3. I've never seen an app that had a functional chat feature remove it before.
    4. It's so slow.

  • I have been playing this game for the last three months and this new update has completely ruined the experience. The earlier version was snappy and the game could proceed very quickly. Now, the game proceeds at half the speed and the new animations are extremely distracting and put a strain on the eyes. It is much harder to keep track of the card inventory and it is almost impossible to see how other players are trading with each other or the bank. This update is a huge step backwards from a user experience point of view. Please roll it back entirely (not a single new "feature" is worth keeping) and leave it alone if you can't act on the real feedback that so many others in the community have been providing (trading options, dice algorithm, etc.)

  • administrators


    1. no That's not true
    2. Catan Universe is an App without any ads in it. The only way to monetize for us is that people buy the game. If we give out random boards for free in the multiplayer we are basically putting our self out of business. You are aware that there are costs for servers and staff, right?
    3. With the new influx of many many new users, we, unfortunately, saw a large spike in complaints about harassment in the in-game chat. Our analysis showed that mainly users without and account and without any purchases used the chat to violently harras other users. That's why we sadly had to disable the chat altogether
    4. We can only encourage users to play some games and get used to the UI and UX presented in CU 2.0

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