New update : Very slow user interface :(

  • How to ruin a gameplay...

  • Yes, the new interface is slower, especially the animation. I sort of like the feature where the resource tiles matching the dice throw are highlighted, but I don't like that this new animation seems to take a lot of time. I don't like the way the board automatically zooms in to where the action is - and that also seems to take up more time than it used to.

  • Just updated to the new version on iOS - it’s awful! So slow with all the new unecessary animations! Even turning off the zoom (which I have just read that you can do) won’t speed things up enough. Such a shame, I won’t be playing any more! Please revert to the quick clean version 🙏🏽

  • It seems like your team did not play test enough. Really bad call ruining your game for some reason. I can it even play on my iPad mini as the game crashes every time I play my first settlement. Boooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Catan 2.0.0 took all the fun out of playing.
    The animations should only be available for beginners. Experienced players do not want to wait for the animation to finish before getting recources after the dice rolled.
    Performing actions is also difficult because of the animation speed and the many selection actions needed.
    Having to wait so much makes the game slow and nothing is more frustating than slow play.

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