New update : Very slow user interface :(

  • Latest version of catan universe is very slow and frustating. Please rollback this and bring back the old UI :(

  • I have to agree, the intefrace feels very sluggish; very frustrating.

  • Totally unreal :cry:

  • The interface is too slow. I tried the steam version were the interface itself was fast but the new interactions make the gameplay very cumbersome and straining. The older interface had bugs but atleast was very clean in terms of the User Experience.

  • really glitchy too... had the game freeze three times today

  • Agree, maybe due to more complex animations. Unnecessary. We would rather have quicker response time than fancy graphics. I think this has been a common request throughout the development process.

  • it is really annoying., they had introduced a similar feature in one of their previous updates but after hearing the negative feedback they took it back. I have no idea why they did it again. Apart from that
    I believe that they should have focused their attention on making the game playable rather than putting graphics and creepy zoom ins in the game.

  • Auto zoom can be disabled in the in game menus

  • @Administrator ??? new features like this should be off by default! rule number one of development.

  • @Administrator add an option to disable the "make the earth move when you build a road or settlement or move the robber" because it crashes everything, and it looks silly too.

  • @Administrator said:

    Auto zoom can be disabled in the in game menus

    And the rest of the slow animations?? I have disabled from the first moves everything I could, but I played 50 min a game that normally had a 20-25 minutes duration. What is the need of that??

  • Catanstrophic update. Super slow, kills a MacBook Air, awful animations especially the utterly pointless air ripple thing. Handshaking failed a dozen times last night (when it's been fine for months on old version). Just had a game where my wife couldn't trade with the bank (but could with players). My son had a game where the mouse had to be clicked about 3 cm to the left of the actual graphic in order for the graphic to register. Woeful testing gone into this release. If you go to statistics of your user you still can't find out how many games you've played. What use is knowing you've won 50 games if you don't know if you've played 70 or 700?

  • forgot to say - every single 3 player match we've played, my wife will have to wait between 1 and 4 minutes for it to register that it's her turn.

  • To trade with the bank when the game is in full screen my wife has to click about 20 pixels below the bank button.

  • And now it just booted her for no reason. FUN!

  • @RobThomas agree 100%. I posted a similar post about the stupid new graphics. The reason I loved the old version so much was that the gameplay was smooth, simple and classy. Now it’s comic book and crass. Annoying graphics and optimally unnecessary additions. What do you think the chances are of them reverting? πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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