7's Algorithm

  • I am sick of playing this game now. The straw that broke the camel's back. Playing in "card stack" mode, single player (against AI only) I have now lost like my 7th game of about 11 or 12 due solely to their ridiculous 7 algorithm. If I get a lead playing friendly robber single player mode, they give like 4 to 1 7s to the AI players over me. I just played a game where I had the best resources, had build a city and didn't have wool and was at the wool spot first only needing a 6 grain to build. They gave three 7s in a row to the AI players, my 6 grain blocked the entire time and the AI build a road there and then settled it and I was without wool for the entire game. Then the AI player that did went from one back to a three point lead. They do this every time. Then when the AI was at 8 victory points and I finally got to 5 I had enough resources to build three roads and make it 7-7 I finally got a 7 and lost it all, game over. They have an algorithm where they "think" they are doing a good thing evening things up by giving the AI players that are behind 7s but it completely changes the outcome of the game... they get spots desperately needed by the non-AI player and then get momentum that cannot be overcome. Their card stack mode is not a pre-determined sequence as they lead you to believe... they interject 7s on an algorithm that they think is a good thing but it instead messes up the whole game. Also, their algorithm more times than not gives away the resource they block so it is a double punishment losing a resource you can't get back unless you get a 7 or buy a knight. Another high occurring thing I see is that your next roll is ofter the resource they just blocked. I am now finally creating a review on the app store and going to describe this and give a poor review unless they respond and explain the 7 algorithm. It is not worth playing anymore... it is just too frustrating to have this happen.

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