How do you use your commodity cards

  • Hello

    playing Cities and Knights and cannot figure out how to play my commodity cards during the game.

    Any help here would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Commodity cards are used for city upgrades. If I remember correctly; paper for science, coins for politics, and cloth for trade. You play the cards by clicking on the city upgrade plaques in the lower right of the board. If you don't have a city, or don't have enough commodities for the upgrade, you won't be able to play the cards. You can still try trading commodity cards for other cards you may need.

  • Thank you

    Memory serves me I had a city at the beginning and was able to play the cards by doing that, but recalling that my city was lost during a barbarian attack. And I did not get another city built the rest of the game. Now knowing why I could not get the cards played.

    Thank you for the reply.

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