7 Rolls on your turn

  • It seems like a majority of the time that I have more than 7 cards playing Catan Universe, I roll a 7. It's not every single time, but most of the time I have more than 7 cards I can almost count on the roll being a 7. I know it happens from time to time when playing the board game,. but it happens much more frequently in Catan Universe. It seems like the game is programmed to give a higher chance of rolling a 7 if you have more than 7 cards. Does anyone else notice this?

  • Absolutely. Also highly unlikely roll distribution over the course of games (like no nines rolled in 78 turns). There definitely seems to be some non-random weighting to the rolls. Hopefully this will be improved in the upcoming update.

  • Absolutely. I just expect that if it’s my turn and I have 8+ cards I’ll need to get rid of half. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised that I don’t roll a 7. I changed to “card stack” and didn’t notice a huge difference.

  • @LemuelB2 Do you know you have 1 chance on 10 000 (or 0,01%) that something like this happen?

  • @canuelj21 yeah, like I said, highly unlikely. Seems to be slightly better in the new update, but dice rolls still appear to be weighted. The problem with RNG is they aren't really random.

  • Agreed. I also find that if the AI players are on both 8’s and I’m on both 6’s, then the 8’s will roll 4 or 5 turns in a row but no 6’s at all. Even 2 & 12 will roll more often than 6. It’s a really odd logic, but happens regularly enough that I know it’s programmed that way.

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