Games are freezing again during settlement placement

  • Hello,

    Three games have frozen during settlement placement in the past 24 hours. It just happened twice in a row, knocking my ELO down over 15 points! During one of these matches, others were complaining about the same issue. There needs to be some way to flag frozen games so that the Catan Universe developers can do something about them.

    Why isn't there some internal mechanism in Catan Universe to auto-cancel a game that freezes for 5 consecutive minutes without any action taking place? Under no circumstances should a game go that long without some action being recorded, and yet these games are allowed to hang indefinitely until all of the players quit. In the most recent game, I received a message that the match had ended only after I tried sending a message to the other players, and yet I still had to quit the game and it still hit my ELO as though I came in last place.

  • It is a very well known issue. All players hope it will be once and for all fixed in newly comming Update 2.0

  • I have the same problem, I had it 3 seperate games in a row.....

  • @Mundefined4RC15 but no. Great, useless, slow Animation are more important then solving Bugs.

  • Wait, freezing bug is not fixed in 2.0?

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