Cancel game

  • How do you cancel a game in progress against the AI?

  • @Grammalaurel On your left is an icon of a little cogwheel. If you click on it, a menu opens. You see several tabs, one of them reads "end game", click on that.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen I think I may be using a different version. My game board does not have a settings cog on the left. It has 3 lines that you click an then 5 icons appear. If I click on the cog icon there are not tabs and nothing says end game.

  • @Grammalaurel Seems like it, yes. Can you find the almanach? Or something about the scenario? It should be in that menu. As a last resort, you could try the escape key. :unlock: :key:
    Maybe @administrators could help with this?

  • @Grammalaurel That sounds like the old Catan app from before Catan Universe. Totally different UI made by a different software vendor.

  • @LemuelB2 do you mean Rumpelstilzchenā€˜s version is older or mine? My computer geek son downloaded the current Catan Universe for me using Steam a month ago.

  • @Grammalaurel No I mean that there are two Catan apps on Google play store, one called "Catan" and the other called "Catan Universe". The really old app "Catan" had fly-out action menus that were five icons surrounding an "X" to close the action menu. The description sounded more like that than the "Catan Universe" menus.

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