Random map not working in Inkas expansion

  • I've bought the base game and all expansions. When doing single player mode on Rise of the Inkas, with random map selected, I still always get the value tokens in the same spot. The tiles do change but not the tokens. I'm using the Steam version. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

  • @hathpint this is normal and also the way the rules are set for the physical game - which is a bit odd, but the online version is just following the rules of the physical game. I personally think they should have had a similar method as the base game - where the number tokens have letters on the back and you lay them down alphabetically in a spiral. I guess they wanted the commodity resources to always have the same number. You will notice that the fish, feathers and coca all stay in the same spot and only the resource tiles get randomized.

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