How to report abusive player?

  • I'm in a game with 3 others. 1 of them is saying disgusting things to 1 other player. The 4th player left the game. I know it can be a tactic but the language used is vile.
    Is there any point reporting this player?
    If it is worth reporting, who would I report to?

  • On Steam/Browser RightClick (Hold on Android/iOS) on a Player, you will see: Report/Mute/Block
    In such a scenario you can use all 3 options

  • @SteveInAus If you missed using the ingame report button, you can use the after game report :exclamation: icon, on the statistics site. :bar_chart:

  • @SteveInAus How do you report a user in the new version when on your computer?

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