Amount of players free version vs paid version

  • At free version you can play with up to 2 friends. How about paid version? Is it possible to play with 3 friends, being 4 in total? And if I get the paid version, do they have to get the paid version too to play with me at a 4 player match?

  • Yes, with the paid version you can play with three other friends. I do this on a regular basis with my family. I'm not sure if they all have to own the game/expansion for this.

  • Thanks! The family you play with a 4 player match, do they all have the paid version?

  • @albertarait Yes, we all bought the base game and Seafarers expansion, but I'm sure when we first started playing together my wife and children were unlocking the expansions with scrolls. We four were still all able to play the Seafarers expansion even though I was the only one that had purchased it at the time.

  • @albertarait You can unlock:unlock: the games with scrolls only for a limited time. :calendar: So if you want to play with each other longterm, you all need to buy :money_with_wings: the game/extensions you want to play.

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