Game getting Stuck

  • Game constantly getting stuck when playing auto match.
    3 of my 4 game tonight stuck. Here are couple of issues:

    • We were able to chat. For me it was turn for player red which for one of my opponent, it was red's turn. tried restarting game couple of times still same issue with same person's turn.
    • Today, 3 of my games got stuck.
      • First one I have to quit to play another game where it warned that I will be losing karma but it was just stuck even restarting game did not help.
      • For second and third game I was able place my initial settlement but then stuck. I was able to chat with opponents but when quit and rejoined game, it kicked me out of the game saying I was disconnected from internet for too long

  • This issue is a well known and devs are simply unable to fix it for 3+ years.

  • I am developer though not game developer.
    Catanuniverse dev feel free to reach me out,

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