AI not working as it should

  • The AI proposes trades, and when I accept, it ignores me, and then offers the same trade again...and again when I accept, it ignores me.
    The AI throws the dice, makes it moves, and then won't pass the stuck, and can't reset it.
    The AI moves the robber to the person with the least points even though the other player(s) are

  • •AI will not trade with everyone, it may want a trade from a specific player

    •It is well known issue - game just got stuck

    •AI has 2 options to put robber:
    2)On a player who has a resource it needs

  • @SHAZBATT I have often noticed that the AI :alien: keeps targeting the weaker player. Supposedly that is called a strategic decision, but I think it is just wrong. :pouting_cat:
    Some human players follow this strategy as well, they want to make sure they get 2nd place and not last. But that totally unbalances the game. These games are no fun. At all! :pouting_cat: :poop:

  • @Rumpelstilzchen I have only had one real player do this so far to me. I had the fewest points, the worst numbers (at least the way the die were rolling that game), yet this one player would rob me whenever they rolled a 7 or played a knight. It definitely was not fun to get picked on when I was already way behind.

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