"Searching for opponents"......

  • "Searching for opponents"......

    What has happened to the game? Whenever I try to play lately it just says searching for opponents....??!!

    I a trying to play seafarers and just been looking at the swirly search sign for 20 minutes already!

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    @SanitySaver Please log out manually and back in again. Also, check your filter options for the Automatch. last but not least, please check if you are using the latest version 1.9.1

  • I’m having this same problem and I’ve done everything the administrator said to do.

  • I have same problem. I can play multiplayer basic Catan "The Game" but when I try to play Cities & Knights there is only "Searching for opponents ... ". After click button start search, always for a moment is marked only one progress box, which points how many players are already matched. After few seconds that disappear and I see only "Searching for opponents ... ". I have done all what administrator said, but it doesn't help

  • How do you check the version you are using? My filter options are set for "All" scenarios and 3 players (though I have changed the number of players multiple times to see if that helps. It doesn't.)

  • I'm having the same problem. It has been searching for opponents for 3 days now.
    Help? @administrators

  • Same problem for all scenarios. What to do?

  • I have also been having the same problem for several days now. Very annoying. Please advise.

  • Same here!

  • @Kindness You can check the version (which update) you are playing on the start page. It should be on the left side. Or were you talking about the extension? :smiley_cat:

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