Regarding stuck achievment progress

  • Hi. For some reason in the achievements, the 3 achievements "squire", "old salt" & "Panderer" are stuck on 1/5 or 1/10, even though I've won quite a few C&K games, at least 5 seafarer games, and played the wedding card a lot (Not sure how many, but far more than 1).

    Can someone tell me who should I approach on this matter? I know it's a small matter, and not urgent, but if possible, I'd like to get it fixed.

    Thank you,

  • It’s well known by devs and it will be fixed in the next Major Update.

  • I had noticed this too, but I thought these achievements were limited to auto matches. But maybe they are just stuck like you said. I've won like 30 Seafarers Custom matches, but "Old Salt" still says 1/5. And I made sure to colonize all four islands in a recent custom match, but no "Empire" achievement.

    I did notice in the "Robbin Wood" season that I had played the Wedding car four times but the achievement stat didn't go up. That made me think that Season matches didn't count either.

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