3rd player unable to build settlement, unable to get kicked / replaced by Bot, leading to ELO Loss

  • I don't know how to attach a picture. Anyways, what the title said...

  • Welcome to Catan Universe
    They rduced this by around 95%
    Still 5% left to fix

  • Same here... lost more than 50 elo due to this

  • I lost ELO during the C&K flash season because of this, it happens as much as in the past so no point in saying 95% of the issues are fixed if you don’t know and cannot back it up with actual statistics. Worse, due to this issue and losing ELO during frozen games, my flash season ELO is stuck at 988 and subsequent wins, which should put me at 1009, were not counted. This ruins the game, thinking of quitting completely if the developers are not able to fix these trivial problems that have plagued the game for years...

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