low-c — the best player on Catan Universe (or just a Fraud?)

  • Ranked 2nd on Base Game
    Ranked 1st on Seafarers
    So he must be a genius Catan player.

    There’s an interesting observation by many decent (Elo 1200+) players about him (low-c). If you get with him in a match-making lobby (where the game loads and you see nicknames lvl and clothing of others) his game never loads fully and gets stuck, so the game gets cancelled without even starting.
    Which for many have made a theory:
    He sees lvl20 opponents (means they have at least basic knowledge of game) or fancy clothes = he glitch-cancels the game at the start. And he does this ridiculous amount of time until he gets matchmaking with lower ranked players, who he wins since he himself is a decent player.
    This can be easily checked by @administrators

    Does he have suspicious high amount of “failed to initialize games”?
    What Elo usually have his opponents?

    I eventually had to get on a game with him on Seafarers Season, which he lost even when numbers went for him, and he made some not so smart moves (imho). When asked 10 times why games with him always get cancelled, he finally answered: “can’t tell all my tactics”
    This makes me questions his highest ranking even more...
    Maybe I’m wrong. Have others notcied this?

    And tbh what’s the point of lvl system if there’s Elo ranking?

  • I just wrote something about low-c. Look under "Moves by magic."

  • I just experienced exactly the same thing as you: C&K three players, low-c is the only one not ready to start, he waits about 10 seconds, and oh wonder the game doesn't come off. If he can see the Elo of others he has a clear advantage and it is unfair. Too bad that no one really cares, because we have all already paid.

  • @Billusmaximus Did you report :cop: :speech_balloon: him with the in-game report menu? That way the game is saved :computer: automatically and it is easier to prove :mag_right: wrong-doing. And remember, you don´t have to play with him, you can block :no_entry_sign: him, in-game, after game, or any odd time you choose to do so.

  • Unfortunately it is not possible to save a report about it. It just happened again: I was with another player and low-c in the screen just before the game started. I have Grandmaster status at the moment. The other player and I were ready. Low-c was not. It took a while and then the game stopped without starting. Let me make it very clear here: low-c is a disgusting cheat. Comes in second on the elo list for C&K. If you only got this far by cheating then there are many things that might go wrong in these fields ...

  • ELO is a meaningless metric. It only very roughly shows skill. In a 4 player game, it is really easy to abuse the system and make one player win rather than another. And if the game is as buggy as Catan Universe, some players have found out how to crash the game in order to win imaginary internet points.

    @Administrator Just remove ELO over all and see how your community becomes more friendlier.

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