Extremely Important Season Game Did Not Count Towards Season ELO???

  • I just finished playing a game which I won in the current Seafarers season, a 4 player Headed for New Shores match, that did not count towards my season ELO. It was extremely important because I was LITERALLY on the cusp of moving from Epic up to the Legendary status, before the game my ranking was 391st and ELO of 1052 and the cutoff for the Legendary category was ranked 383 and an ELO of 1053. The game would have absolutely moved me into the Legendary category...but it didn't count toward my ranking at all, like it was never even played. I took screen shots of the victory end page, with time stamps. PLEASE help me with this issue.

  • You are not the only one. I was struggling to get in Legendary as well and all the time was +/- at 1050 (just wanted that Seafarers suit, lol).
    I won a game with around 1h left for Season (I would play another game right after), but it didn’t add any Season Elo, which crushed my chances getting that suit.
    Funny that this had to occur exactly in so important matches >.<

  • @M4RC15 I stuck at 1057 points Sunday afternoon and was going from being 304 to finally 450, so from legendary to good player. On Saturday night several of my victory games were not considered and then, on Sunday evening and night no one of my season games were considered. I feel totally deceved.

  • This is happening to me during the C&K flash season. My 2 losses were counted but my 2 wins and One 2nd place were not counted. After 5 games my ELO should be 1009 but I’m given 988. This completely ruins it. I wrote an email to support with expectation they fix during season. If not, I see no point in further playing the game anymore, the fun is gone if you only get punished and not rewarded.

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