What a horrible design...

  • I've been a fan of Catan for just about as long as it's been in existence. I'm not even sure where to start describing how horrible this computer version is. Just to create an account, I had to go through mulitple weird steps. For example, the login window has a password field... that can't be pasted into, and that a web browser isn't able to remember. Sooo.. one has to manually type the letter/characters into the password field. In these 'modern' times... I use LONG passwords that I don't remember, and keep them in a vault.

    That... was just the start.

    To describe the ridiculous interface... where to begin.

    Bad.. a chat window on the lower left that covers a good amount of screen real estate. It can't be moved, and... for the most part... it's useless if you're not chatting.

    Bad... parts that require un-intuitive right-clicking to achieve things.

    Bad... no... HORRIBLE... the darn KickTimer that ruins your games with friends almost every time. A Kick timer is there for when you're playing against people you don't know... and they 'bail'... leaving the other players hanging. Nice idea... BUT... you can't turn it off... even though there's been hundreds of requests on these forums to allow one to do so. If you're playing with friends, and someone says... "let's grab a snack and return in 5 mins"... well.. you're ALL gonna be kicked out of this game.

    I spent nearly $20 on this and can't even complete a game because of this ridiculous feature. I assume the Catan folks are too cheap to afford faster servers, so they're happy to be kicking people off their games and collecting money to do so.

    Clearly... they have no intention of caring how to make this game better, or to responding to customer input. Stay away.

  • Welcome to Catan Universe

    Well, lately there have been A LOT of improvements. But still there’s more left to be fixed/improved.
    About Design, I personally play on Tablet not Browser, (both Android and iOS are pretty much same)
    There the interface is 10 times better (imho)

  • @M4RC15 Hi... so... how do I turn off the Kick-Timer? Because... without that option it's not been improved at all even after hundreds (thousands) of people asked for this.

  • Ask you friend to fix internet connection 🤷‍♂️

  • If you play custom matches there is an option in game setup to turn the "Turn/Kick" timer off. If you are playing auto matches you can't turn the timer off. I'm not sure about guild matches.

  • @LemuelB2 That's a helpful reply. I could not find this anywhere in the web based version. Do you know if it's there? Or... are you using an App version?

  • @JmanInSF I am using both the Android app and the Steam program/app for Windows 10. My wife uses the browser, but she never hosts the game, I can have her check if the option is there for her under Custom. Whoever is hosting the Custom match needs to pick the option.

    I just checked the browser version and that also has the Timer option for custom games. I think it is off by default.

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