I have a problem with the Seafarers season

  • Hi there. New to these boards. I'm MeirD on Catan Universe.

    I played 6 games in the Seafarers Season, yet when I try to check my rank, a message says I haven't yet played any placment matches?
    Can someone from the game support check this?
    (All 6 games were played on the 22nd of May).

    It may somehow be related, but the achievments of "squire", "old salt" and "panderer" don't rise even though I won more than 5 games in the relevant expansions, and used the "wedding" card quite a few times in the past. A possibel bug?

    Or am I missing something? In the season placement matches, and/or the achievements?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Same problem, 0 placement matches showing no matter hos meny i play....Help??

  • Try fiddling with the amount of players, changing it to 3 or 4 players worked for me. Although I am now experiencing heaps of glitches where I become a com but am still in the game

  • @Mpakaliaros @administrators help for us who have played 6-7 matches And still 0 recorded?? Thank YouTube in advance

  • I am also having a problem, I have just won 2 games in the Seafarers Season and not received any Elo... can this please be corrected?

  • Did u get any solution for the count of placement matches. Mine are not increasing at all.

  • Is this issue going to be addressed in any way?

  • Download the latest version...solves the problem

  • Yesterday I have played all the placement matches via Steam and got epic rank. Now it only counted 1 game for a sleepless night. Thats very sad, can you please grant me the season rewards?

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