AI affecting elo. Broken robber logic

  • Whether this relates to harsher bans for leavers when they are replaced by an AI online the game should no longer affect all until AI logic is fixed.

    Just played a game and out of 17 robbers it was placed on a hex solely occupied by me 13 times and robbed obviously, on all those.

    This was regardless of me being behind on victory points and just handed the other players (3 player) the win.

    Currently makes 3 player games unplayable if a player leaves.

  • I was just kicked out of 3 games in a row. I don't have an issue with my internet connection. I know this because I'm constantly connected to another server for work. I tried to play, while taking a break, in the seafarers tournament and it's impossible. No wonder the other two games I did play earlier had one player exit. It can't be this common - there is clearly something wrong with the catan servers. I was also like you -- got destroyed by AI in a game someone apparently left, but I suspect that they are not "leaving" on their own now...

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