getting kicked out of games and loosing elo points

  • I have lost atleast 60 elo points for getting kicked out of matches as it says slow internet connectoin but my internet connection is fine . People leave so i get the elo points but that should remain and i should not loose those elo points . I am having major problems with the elo system . Over the last 1 week i have dropped a 100 points .

    Please recommend what i should to do . The elo system is slightly messed up .
    I have lost a lot of matches too but come second also .

    I have written to you but with no email back .

    My username is pitsi .


    Prashant Nagpal

    My username is pitsi

  • Well, since the last updates “frozen games” decreased very significantly.
    If you got kicked out from so many games, sorry but it seems like the problem is with your connection not the server.

  • @M4RC15 From what I have heard and read, that still happens to several players, it is just not as common anymore. (which is good) But checking your own internet connection is the easiest fix, and people will know for sure if they say it is fine.

  • I was just kicked out of 3 games in a row. I don't have an issue with my internet connection. I know this because I'm constantly connected to another server for work. I tried to play, while taking a break, in the seafarers tournament and it's impossible. No wonder the other two games I did play earlier had one player exit. It can't be this common - there is clearly something wrong with the catan servers.

  • I'm not sure if this is related, but I’m having difficulty in entering any games. Basically, I will either start a game or join on a custom game and then, just as soon as it is about to start, I get kicked off and the game starts without me. I thought it might be the internet but we restarted it and my girlfriend (who plays the game too) is not having any difficulty on our WiFi. This is a new issue since the update and I’m not sure what happened. I have tried uninstalling and redownloading but the same thing happens. Any thoughts?

  • The same thing has happened to me, 3 x in a row other players show as frozen and then nothing happens so I leave and loose elo. My internet is 100% fine, so that's not the issue.

  • During the C&K flash season, with some freezes, 2 losses were counted but my 2 wins and one 2nd place were not counted. After 5 games my ELO should be 1009 but I’m stuck 988. This completely ruins it. I wrote an email to support with expectation they fix during season. If not, I see no point in further playing the game anymore, the fun is gone if you only get punished and not rewarded. My internet connection is just fine, something is wrong with the game.

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