Game tied at end ELO calculation issue

  • Hello,
    I recently played an online game on Catan Universe on steam.  My user name is abaschman.  It was a pretty epic game of the treasure island map of cities and knights expansion.  It was my roll, and I rolled the barbarian fleet, which cause the player after me to reach 16 points.  However, I was able to also achieve the 16 point victory on my turn, so I won the game.  Unfortunately, on the end game screen where the ELO is calculated, it looked like because of the score being tied, 16 16, the ELO was calculated like a tie for me and that player.  By the rules, since it was my turn with 16 points I won the game and shouldn't earn a tie in the ELO calculation.  This situation likely doesn't occur too frequently, but it is something that should be adjusted.

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