Player can hold 6 progress cards at once: no typo SIX

  • @developers

    If you don't know about this bug already, I have a series of screenshots that show my hand full of six progress cards at once. The maximum, according to the rules, is 4 progress cards, although it is possible to hold as many as 5 progress cards if a player acquires a 5th progress card on their roll. But six? They include:

    Merchant Fleet

    This is likely a cosmetic bug that only affects appearances rather than actual play. When I received the Printer card, I noticed it stayed in my hand, and was not automatically recorded as a victory point and discarded. So I selected the Printer and noticed a check mark in the lower right, just like you would play any progress card. The game allowed me to actually play the Printer by clicking the check mark. Then a victory point was added to my score. But the Printer card remained in my hand forever.

    Again, this is a fairly trivial bug as it seems the Printer, once played, doesn't actually exist in my hand. I know another player tried to steal it with a spy and couldn't. I can open a ticket with support if you would like.

    ver 1.9.1-6c779ef98

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