Please fix the rigged dice issue, especially for tournaments

  • So i've experienced this issue so frequently during games, and normally I just shrug it off with only a little frustration since after all, this is just a game. But from what I've seen it is WAY more prevalent in these tournament games. For instance two games in a row were overwhelmingly lost because I had my wood and brick on both 5 spots. You wanna know how many times 5 was rolled in those games? Less than 5, while 9 and the outliers were through the roof. And most of those 5 rolls were later in the game.

    It's just not fair for a loss to be based mostly on faulty algorithms. If I lose, I want it to be because the other players are more skilled or because of my dumb strategy, not because of pure dumb luck.

    I've seen for custom matches there's an option for dice stack or whatever, and after looking into it it looks like it forces the probabilities to more closely follow the bell curve. Why would this not be implemented in tournament games to ensure a more fair game for all players?

    So please please please can you guys address this. I know the chances of this are similar to winning a game by starting on 1, 2, 11, 12, but with the way these algorithms are playing out that may be the better strategy.

  • There is no algorithm to rolling a dice. It's just whatever random function the dev language offers. That's one bit of the coding they won't have got wrong. You were just unlucky. Thousands of people play and a couple of people post that 'hardly any x were rolled' - 100% what you would expect from normal dice stats.

  • Perhaps you're right, but it's caused me to take a closer look at statistics at the end of my games, and either this is a huge coincidence or there's something not right with some code within the game.

    I played two games today: in the first one a 5 didn't show until round 54, and in the second game a 5 wasn't rolled once in the 53 rounds of the game. I've been noticing this 5 phenomenon in other previous games but now it's getting to the point where I feel like it's worth noting how often a high-probability number doesn't show up.

  • It happens once, it’s bad luck. Twice, coincidence.

    14 out of 15 games, that’s rigged.

  • There certainly does seem to be something fishy with the die roll programming, even with "card stack" selected. I have encountered an issue with #10, specifically, not being rolled at all, or perhaps being rolled only once across 50-80 rolls. With regular die rolls, sure this is possible, but with "card stack" it is a statistic improbability, especially to happen multiple times with the same number.

    I should also begin charting the frequency in which the number that the robber was just placed on gets rolled, or a number that was just "invented" in Cities & Knights hits in the next roll. My estimate is that both happen ~40% of the time, which is significantly higher than the probability should be, especially with "card stack".

  • "...the frequency in which the number that the robber was just placed on gets rolled..." Ha yes, we always place the robber on a number that we also have ourselves, in the next two rounds this number will be thrown for sure, sometimes even 2 or three times! You can count on it!

  • Dice are rigged for AI please fix. Thanks

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