Too frustrated and disappointed with this game

  • I love Catan as all of you do. This has to be the worst developed game in recent memory. I can’t stand it most times and want to throw my computer across the room because the bugs are consistent and pervasive. Tell me, if players leave a game for no reason other than they’re losing and I end up in second why should I lose elo and they lose nothing? I’ve had settlement and cities disappear mid game. I’ve been unable to start games multiple times in a row because of unspecified errors the game gives me. I’ve been unable to join games in auto match. Even though Catan says the dice algorithm is sound I’ve seen such statistical improbabilities that are hard to fathom. Like a 2 rolled six times in a row. That’s a .01% chance of happening. I have lost so much elo from this game throwing errors it’s insane. Question to everyone else out there, what kind of errors have you gotten? In your time playing this game have you seen improvements? Any quality feedback from the development team? I’ve been playing this game for two months and spent the money to buy the expansions. I feel like Catan put the robber on me. Love to hear everyone’s feedback on any results they’ve had contacting this company.

  • Developers respond very well.
    I have been playing a couple of months and there have been many noticeable improvements.
    The game is very playable at the moment, I hope the frozen games will be eventually completely eliminated.

    About the DiceRoll the problem is that the Dev’s check it in an overall sum of all played games, where it makes a perfect Pyramid, which for them means the DiceRoll works Perfect, players have problems in their heads.
    So anomalies inside of the games is not an argument for them, but a frustration for players.

    For example in a game A the rolls are: 333333333333333
    In a game B the rolls are:
    In a game C the rolls are:
    In a game B the rolls are:
    Perfect Pyramid but without 3 7 9

    ABCD games together make a perfect Pyramid. And that is what Devs see. They made a DiceCardStack, which is great, but it cannot be used on Automatch.
    So accept the games where your 9 Wheat never hits, and enjoy games when your 3 Ore grants you a victory

  • @Hieronymus-Bosch
    The reason why elo is not lost if you leave is:
    so many people get kicked :boom: due to no fault of their own.
    Taking their elo points was adding insult to injury, :pouting_cat: especially when they were about to win.
    This problem was so persistent, that especially high ranking players who got demoted by this rule finally rebelled.
    Since Catan Universe could not get a grip the kicktimer problem immediately, they implemented this new rule as a temporary solution.
    But if you don´t want to play with players who might leave, you can set the karma filter accordingly in automatch.

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