Problem in the new Season

  • I've played several games but It still shows 0/3 placement matches in my rank. what should I do?:(((

  • @Zlalhlrla I am having the same issue

  • Same problem is happening to me as well.

  • Try re-login
    And check if you have Updated to the latest version (1.9.1.)

  • Same issue here too. i am on 1.9.1

  • @M4RC15 I relogged in and am on latest version still having issue

  • I have the same issue — two wins, and still says 0/3

  • Same issue! I've played at least 10 games and won at least half of them but still showing 0/3 placement matches. Haven't found any help on this anywhere!

  • Same issue! I bought the game for it too, kinda annoying

  • Also I had the same issue. Played around 10 games initiated through the pink Seasons button . Kept showing 0 placement matches. And then when the season ended, showed that I didn't participate so didn't get anything for participate. Not the best first seasons experience. I opened a ticket with support explaining what had happened. Their reply said I played normal games instead of season games because I didn't press the right button :) (see below with my ticket ID that I raised)

    I replied with saying that, no, they were initiated by pressing the bright pink new button to start season far that's where the conversation ended, so perhaps support brushed me off or perhaps they are investigating.

    I'm glad that it wasn't only me, so it does look like there is a glitch in their system that hopefully they investigate.

    Perhaps people could also email their support and refer to the same ticket id to file a report to show that more than one person had the issue.

    thank you for your message.

    ticket ID: 458145

    Presumably you have played normal games and not season matches.
    You have to start the games from the Season menu.


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