Idiotic single player algorithm!

  • When playing single player mode (against AI), beyond a doubt, their algorithm is not random! Once I get momentum or a lead, AI players almost ALWAYS get like 5 7s in like 7 or 8 rolls! Just now playing Ore for Wool where ore is a premium, I tied it at 5 and traded a three for one for ore. Had two grain and two ore. Two 7s in the next two turns and one ore and one grain were gone. In the next 5 rolls three more 7s by AI players and one more ore and grain were gone. They built cities with my resources. The one benefitting the most went from 5 to 10 points and I never got a 7 or got to build a single city even though I had a 3:1 and a 2:1! This is a bunch of crap and it gets really old! Especially when you add the fact that if you choose last behind the AI players, you can’t get a 5 resource and they roll more 5s than 8s! Fix you ridiculous algorithm!!!!

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    @AllenInSLC answered in many other posts. Again... please stop spamming punctuation marks, refrain from the use of all caps and aggressive language.

  • @Administrator what is answered? Can you tell me where? I am on here because I just lost another single player game only, only because I got 8 resources and just started momentum and 7 rolled on me. AI got more 7s and I only rolled a 7 myself when I had more than 7 resources. Meanwhile AI carries 10,12,14 resources and I never roll a 7 when they have that many resources. I declare this to be true. 9 times out of 10 when a single player loses to AI it is due to imbalance of 7s.

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