Happy new settler

  • I have not really been a gamer in the past, not since the first doom about 20 years ago or more. Have got into catan universe in Covid Lockdown, initially playing family members, then working it out better in single player mode, and now joining auto matches. Have got to 1005 elo, so no expert. Really like this game, and am not experiencing issues with dropped servers, bad sports etc. Am playing through a good fibre connection, pc based, with steam.

    So just a quick note to congratulate the original concept creator, and those behind the universe site.

    A question, if anyone feels like answering, how do I check the elo / prestige of those I play against, as that would make it more interesting...

  • Welcome!
    You can see it only after the game.
    Otherwise everyone would start blocking the highest Elo, ya know...

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