Dice rolls

  • I just played a game, this is so incredibly bad, the game is literally unplayable. Here are the dice stats, no joke:

    2: 2 rolls
    3: 9 rolls
    4: 7 rolls
    5: 0 rolls (yes as in ZERO)
    6: 6 rolls
    7: 26 rolls
    8: 12 rolls
    9: 6 rolls
    10: 8 rolls
    11: 3 rolls
    12: 2 rolls

    Please give the game back to playcatan.com. This is horrible code. This is so bad, skill has zero to do with who wins. Not interested / retiring, as I am sure so many have already done.

  • I too think the "randomness" of the dice rolls could be improved. Sometimes I will have a reasonably balanced curve in a game, but often it is very heavily skewed towards 7 and other high probability numbers are very low. I played a game the other night and for the entire game (50 rolls) not a single 9 came up! This is highly improbable.

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  • @M4RC15

    This is not about "perfect" code. I've played the game many times with friends in person, i've played craps many times at the tables in Vegas. I understand dice odds and the improbable occurrences. What happens in Catan on a regular basis (key word) is completely flawed and represents poor code. This is what happens when coding is outsourced to India for 10 cents an hour. There is a reason why Catan Universe is ranked one of the worst online games via Steam. Hopefully the people who bought it sell it to another company that has actual business sense and is willing to invest properly into the game's play-ability first and foremost Vs giving the community a pretty wrapper with a turd inside.

  • It's true, the game is poorly coded. The last time I played I went to move a level 2 knight into a road to take longest road, note that I already had two level 2 knights on the board. I moved the knight, and the game created a random inactivated level 2 knight (my 3rd level 2 knight on the board). To make it worse, it created it where I was going to build a settlement to win the game but now I was unable. That was rare i will admit, but the game constantly crashing and freezing was too much to bare, especially since a lot of players knew how to make the game glitch out. Add to that yes, the dice system is the worst I've seen in any online dice game ever, and I play a lot of games with dice.

    This is nothing new, the trash code they produced is common knowledge. I have never seen so many complaints surrounding one game on multiple platforms. Here is a new youtube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtGGUFP7WeI

    Catan is a great game, please fix it or hand the rights off to a more suited party. I hope the future of the game is better.

  • @Jagged Yeah, some are taking advantage of these glitches to climb the rankings (including all rported ones)
    While devs make only new Seasons as nothing’s wrong 🤦‍♂️

  • I have been playing with card stack. It is better. However, it is a lie! It is not pre-stacked or sequenced like the description would suggest. It is I believe except for the 7s. They interject 7s into the “stack” based on a different algorithm. I do believe they try to even the game up but they should just let it go. I just played a game where I was at 9 victory points and had more cities and a better distribution than the other two. The next roll was a 7. I would have still won but the next roll was a 7 also and I ended up short by to build number 10. Next roll I lost This was live players. Same thing happens constantly with AI players but after getting robbed blind I often longest road and the other player came from three back and won!

  • @AllenInSLC This happens all the time in AI games. I have played two or three hundred games and if you get a good lead, the other two players get like two 7s in a row or like 5 in the next 11 rolls or something ridiculous like that.

  • @Hetwoordtrop wrong. Dice don’t have memory but statistics are statistics and probability is probability and math doesn’t change from one day to the next. This is an algorithm. Not real dice. Yes, with real dice, odds are defied regularly and sometimes by a large percentage. But, even in Vegas, the mathematicians with the scientific calculators are banned from the dice tables. Do you know why? Now, back to this game, it is an algorithm and it does not use standard statistical weighting algorithms. It is flawed. By the way, I am a computer scientist with a Masters in mathematics.

  • @AllenInSLC Notice how no administrators respond to this? Simply because it is all true. They know they have a bogus algorithm and especially their "try to even things up" 7 roll algorithm and there is nothing really that can be said to defend it. I did see an administrator post a comment on the 7 algorithm when I first joined that basically seemed to indicate that it is indeed written to help those behind (which has a negative long term repercussion they didn't anticipate or test enough to experience) but I can't find the post any longer. It may have been removed because so many people have complained and they don't want to change the algorithm.

  • I agree with most of what is being said here. There is a problem.

    Is there another website to play Catan? I hope I'm wrong, but I don't foresee them fixing this issue.

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  • Seriously, where did they dig up the algorithm for rolling dice? My god.

  • Dice rolls are definitely not random. Pretty frustrating to play.

  • Card stack helps but it is not really a "card stack" either! A card stack would imply a preset sequence of dice that would be a standard (based upon odds) distribution over time. However, if you get a big lead against AI players, every single game it rolls only dice the AI players have and 7s (for the AI players... unless you have 8 resources on your turn, then it may give you a 7). I just took a 8 to 3 and 4 lead playing against two AI players and rolls were 4,7,4,4,7! What are the odds of that? Especially since 4 is the best dice the AI players have that I do not have? It is fixed. Card stack is a lie. I actually lost the last game against AI because I needed 5s. If it would have been close to even on 5s and 9s, I would have won but there were 8 9s and 3 5s at the end of the game. Normal distribution over time??? No. Well, unless by over time means two or three games, not just one.

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