Game cheating ... ("Le grand Perceval")

  • Hi guys, i play Seafarers time to time (mainly 4 players) - and couple times i saw strange thing - one player was dropping resources the another one all the time - and of course first one did win. After couple days i saw those two together again - and game strategy was the same - of course two another players didn't have a chance. So it was a one guy playing two accounts at the same time - as I understood from chatting with him. So its interesting what community thinks about this, I think its a cheating.
    Name of player - "Le grand Perceval" and second account is "jeannax"

  • @belzeebub I think it is cheating :smirk: and not permitted. :no_entry_sign:
    To trade :sheep: :arrows_clockwise: :ear_of_rice: and to cooperate is an important part of the game, as long as it is against the leading player and to promote your own advantage.
    But two players playing for the advantage of only one, that´s fishy. :fish:
    You can report them

    • by clicking on their avatar :bust_in_silhouette: with a right mouse :mouse: click.
    • a menu :scroll: pops up.
    • choose "report" from the menu with left mouse :mouse: click.

    But making the players names public in the forum is not the way, because of privacy.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen of course, I did report - but not sure if it helps. About names privacy - i think people must know cheaters and I want to warn another players - hope Admins take care of this guy.

  • @belzeebub said:

    @Rumpelstilzchen of course, I did report - but not sure if it helps. About names privacy - i think people must know cheaters and I want to warn another players - hope Admins take care of this guy.

    Yeah, luckily DataProtectionLaw doesn’t work on CatanUniverse in game nicknames 😂

    I’m also not sure if this report system works, could @Asministrator affirm this?

  • I had exactly the same in a game with the same players Edit by @administrators. say to me that he was teaming and it was legal. But i don't think so and i don't know about a legal way of teaming. He is winning all the time... I have report them.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @M4RC15 @SimonSays25 @belzeebub
    The problem will not be solved by naming those players publicy, because anyone :trollface: can say anything :poop: about anybody. :innocent:
    And we cannot check who is telling the truth :angel: and who is just throwing dust in our eyes to conceal their own :goberserk: nastiness , or who might be paranoid :eyes: about imagined :ghost: cheaters.

    I remember a few years ago, someone accused me of cheating, wich I definitively did not. It took others quite a while :snail: to realize this player accused anybody who would not let her win. It is easier for moderators to recognize patterns in players behaviour.

  • administrators

    @M4RC15 The reporting system does work and we encourage everyone to use it. please keep in mind that reviewing games isn´t a task we can do fast if we want to be thorough

  • Today played with the same pair of players - "Le Grand Sebastian" and "The best of Catan" - according to name probably the same guy. Same strategy. Hope @administrators will check this out

  • This “Le Grand guy” was leading season, so these reports show he was doing it in unfair way.
    I’v experienced this many times. Just one guy would give 3 Ore for 1 Wood to give a free City, and would never put a robber. Team up or same guy on 2 accounts

    Is it possible to make that players who have played in an Season/Automatch will not be placed together in next ones? It would solve this issue very easily.

  • @M4RC15 said:

    Le Grand

    another way is to block all players with "Le Grand" prefix ...... )))) ahaha

  • You can only block 200 users.

  • @Administrator The report system is a joke. If no one gets a response about what happened to their report, it's so frustrating that at some point you stop writing reports. As for the miserable team game, it is so that it would be quite easy to end it: Especially in custom games, it would be extremely helpful if one account played together with another account and then wasn't allowed to play together for two days/weeks/months. This would increase the effort for the team players and two three or four account holders considerably. It would also be helpful if you had the option to choose not to play against friendly accounts or against accounts belonging to the same guild. Both measures are relatively easy to implement and would change the current system so that it could be fun to play again.

  • @M4RC15 Jup "Le grand Perceval'' is now '' Le grand Sebastian'' ... I played against him today and the player '' Jeannax is also still running because that was his mate in the game. They do it know less remarkable. But in the last minutes of the game they trade a big amount off resources very quickly so Le grand Sebastian can win.

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