Not able to play in auto match for 24 hours now. It keeps saying “searching for opponents”. When will this get fixed?

  • Auto match is not generating game. It continues to say “searching for opponent” and goes nowhere. It has been like this for 24 hours. Yes, I have paid for the game.

  • @Bsumom I encountered this bug :bug: many times. Sometimes it helps to simply logout and login again. If that does not fix the problem, I recommend to write :email: directly to support. They will be back in :surfer: after the weekend.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen gosh I hope they do something about it soon. I have tried everything several times. Now awaiting reply to my email and a quick reset. Three days sans Catan while in lockdown has been brutal.

  • @administrators still nothing. I have emailed twice, waited for four days now and I am still unable to play. Yes I paid for the app a month ago and have been playing fine until Friday morning. Yes I updated the app at least a week ago. This is truly unfair for a paying player.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen any other fixes? I still haven’t heard word one from this. Not able to play.

  • @Bsumom Did you get a ticket number from support? Or has there been no response :no_mouth: from support at all? The ticket is usually given by auto-response. So if you have not got a ticket, then maybe the support :e-mail: address was wrong?
    I am afraid I have no better tips for you, except closing and reopening the game again, which I bet you have already tried.

  • @Bsumom Just to make sure, did you write to: :question:

  • Yes that is the email I address I used and haven’t heard anything. Just attempted to play again and same thing. So aggravating.

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