10 VP - Not winning?

  • Hi, I've tried looking for this elsewhere but can't find it in the rules/faqs/other questions asked.

    Basically I have noticed in some games when I reach 10 points and my opponents might only be on 6/7/8 I do not win and the game continues until I reach 11? (This does not happen everytime I reach 10 - sometimes the game ends and I win as expected but when it happens it is very annoying!)

    Is there some rule I have missed that you can't finish the game by building a settlement or upgrading to a city as those are the two occasions I have noticed it happening a few times?

    I am reasonably new to Catan so may have missed something obvious, any help appreciated.

  • @RumHam17 If you just gained enough victory points while it is somebody else´s turn, you will have to wait to claim your victory until it is your turn :game_die: again. :exclamation:
    This means you can still loose :scream: the game:exclamation:
    For example, if you lost longest road :rage: card, or another player got enough victory points :satisfied: during his/her turn. :triumph: you might need a punching bag :collision: or a pillow to weep on. :cry:
    Its not over till its over...

  • There are 3 different game modes:

    The First Island (The Base Game)
    Ore For Wool
    The Harbormaster

    Harbormaster awards two VP for having 3 settlements on port intersections (or 1 settlement and 1 city). To accommodate for the extra 2VP available in harbormaster mode, 11VP are required to win.

  • @ascotia understood, but how do you know you’re playing harbor master mode? In auto match that is.

  • @AllenInSLC reply please!,, when you play auto match, how do you know if it is 10 or 11 victory points'!!!!

  • administrators

    @AllenInSLC Its displayed on the loading screen and you can see the information in the options menu in-game. You´ll also notice the extra symbol in the player frame displaying of many harbor points someone has.

  • @Administrator thank you... I have never noticed the splash screen... goes away too fast. So, please tell me where in the in game menu? You mean where you click to see stats and log? Thanks.

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