Update 1.9.0 and Rejoining Ongoing Online Matches

  • The update states "Catanians can again rejoin ongoing online matches after closing and reopening the app."

    My friends and I all have this most recent update. There are many times that the app or steam freezes for one of us and they either get kicked out or the game freezes for one person and continues for the rest of us and we'll have to let the app reload to get it to work again. In all of these cases the person who leaves is replaced by an AI and can't rejoin the game. Is it at all possible for all of us to leave and then come back and finish the game or no? We tried today and, perhaps because I was the host, I could continue the game but it was only with AIs even though my friends were on. They weren't given the option to come back in as as was. It's really frustrating to spend 2+ hours on a game only to have it end without getting to finish. Is there are solution to this or no?

    Thanks in advance for any help here!

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