Single Player Mode Victory Points

  • Have any of you experienced playing against AI players that they often win with one less victory point than the required? I at first thought I was missing something so I started watching very closely. Just finished another game where one AI player had 7, I had 7 (and finally in spite of all the robbers) got some momentum and the AI player with 6 points started their turn. They had longest rode already and played a Knight which gave longest army and that took them to 8 points. They then stole and build a settlement and that took them to 9 points and the game ended and said they had 10 points. If you have see this happen, please report it. I have and they do not respond.

  • It is most likely due to victory points from a development card. You can't see an opponents development cards so if they are holding on to it, most likely its a victory point that gives them the last point to win.

  • I've had the same problem but the points we're wrong for me too. I was supposed to have 9 points (4 cities + vp card), but at the end it said I had 11? The bots' scores were also off by 1 or 2. This is the second time this has happened. Kind of ruins the singleplayer game

  • @Hung-Chigis Were you playing a Seafarers game? Maybe you settled on another island and gained two points??

  • oh! I didn't know you get points that way. Thanks for letting me know, that was definitely it

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