App crash after reinstall

  • My app will no longer start after I reinstalled Catan universe. I got a message saying something went wrong with the install and it told me to clear the cache, then clear the data, and redownload. I have done that multiple times in different ways but each time I try to start the app the application hangs and it looks like it is loading with the hexloading screen. I have tried to clear the cache, data, uninstall, and reinstall but it does not work.

    Each time the game opens up it looks like it is starting in samsung's game launcher but never starts. You can briefly see "pause download" before the screen starts the visual hex animation loading screen. I thought it might have something to do with the game launcher but even after I removed the game from the game launcher it still does not work.

    Device: Samsung S9+
    OS: Andriod

    Any assistance would be wonderful.

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