Bias against winner

  • I have been playing with two of my friends in multiplayer mode and won most of the games. But over the last two weeks- I have been getting super unlucky with everything. I have lost most of the games in the past two weeks. Given nothing else has changed, I find it odd that I’m on the short end of things now.
    So my question is- does the algorithm try to balance the wins among friends (I.e. help other friends win more)?

  • There is no VEM in CatanUniverse as in other game worlds you might be playing.

  • administrators

    @Mudit no

  • @Administrator no but you tweet the 7s. At least in single player mode. I saw an admin say that... based on this and that. And that is STUPID! You should just line them up and let them come where they may. I know this to be true because of when you give AI players 7s in single player mode. Way to often and out of proportion to be coincidence!

  • administrators

    @AllenInSLC again ... where did you "saw" any of that :dancer:

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