Settlement Placement Bug

  • I'm a fairly new player, playing against the AIs. The last few days I've noticed that every few games (maybe 1/5), I get a bug where I can't place a settlement even though I have the right cards and placement option. Clicking at the settlement location does nothing, it doesn't bring up the option to build a settlement. It continues this way for multiple turns until I am able to build a city, then all of a sudden I am able to build settlements also. Is this a known bug? Any way to fix/avoid/overcome it?

  • @TheLi0n You can build only five villages, :house: until you have to build a city. :city_sunrise: That is part of the basic Catan rules. It is not a bug. It is the same in the old analog board game.

  • Aha, good to know! Thanks for the info.

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