Dice rolls are way too off post this update

  • You need to check this issue on priority. It always mess up the game by rolling same numbers everytime which is really frustating or change the dice mode to card stacks for automatch atleast

  • I agree. I just uninstalled the game after a game with 30+ 7's and 5-6 6's and 8's. I had been noticing it for a few days but this was the final straw. Other games where 12's and 3's were 2x more common than 6's OR 8's. It's just absurd. Ruins the fun of the game. Wish we had the choice of card stack for automatch. I have no intention of playing automatch again and have given up my plan to buy the expansions.

  • Replying to push this topic up again.

    The dice algorithm is a pure disaster.
    Patterns in every game, 1 to 2 random numbers will get rolled continuously each game. In one game it is the 5 which dominates the game and gets rolled like 3 times as often as every other number, then in the next game its the 9. But not a single game without a obvious pattern.

    Basically after the first 5 rolls I can tell which numbers will dominate the round.

    I can't believe it was kept like this for 9 months already ???

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