AI player builds SEVEN nights - screenshot available

  • All 7 nights built by the AI player were activated, so it makes it impossible to defend Catan.

    AI players can also build roads in the ocean
    AI players also build ships around the small one-hex lake in the Great Canal Scenario
    Not only that, but AI players simply build ships around the pirate like it wasn't there.
    Also in the Great Canal scenario, there can be 3 activated nights around a hex with an unbuilt canal
    I will wager one Deutsche Mark that no developer reads this.

  • @huck42 If you want to increase your chances to reach :e-mail: the developers , you can directly address them with :pouting_cat: :speech_balloon: @Developers

  • Hi! Could you kindly provide the screenshots that you said you have? Especially the roads on the ocean one would be very interesting to us.

  • @Developers

    I owe you 1 Deutschmark. Thank you for responding. I can send screenshots via email. You can respond to my email and let me know your PayPal address so I can pay up. Or I can pay in Catan Gold.

    I need to fish through my screenshots, the road-on-the-ocean I saw 3 months ago. I'll send it to the support email I have for you, unless you have a better place for me to send it.

    Since you are indeed responding to user feedback, I'll continue to note opportunities for improvement here in the forum. I had given up thinking developers didn't read the bug reports. If you have logs that users can collect, I can send those too. I spent my career as a software developer, so I may be able to offer some useful feedback.

    I love what you've done with this game!

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