Accepting trade doesn't work most of the time

  • Playing with AI - when offered trades and I try to accept, most of the time the trade is not done. Is that a problem with where I'm clicking (although I have tried clicking different places inside the check circle) or is it a function of how long it takes to decide? or what? very frustrating sometimes........

  • I suspect it's often (but not always) a case of the AI player choosing to trade with the other AI player instead of trading with you.

  • @AimBoutYourHighKnees No, it is faulty programming. Happens in other games as well, if the AI :alien: replaces a human :girl: player who lost connection. A longstanding issue, we have complained about this for years.

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    @Rumpelstilzchen No it's exactly what @AimBoutYourHighKnees says. Sometimes the player that the AI wants to trade with does not want to trade with AI so no trade happens.

  • @Administrator I have seen cases when AI was rather willing to loose a city than trade with me. Even while I was nowhere near winning, but having least points.
    You see, that is a general issue I have with AI: It is always targets the weaker player.
    I came to the conclusion that it must have been programmed to play for 2nd place, because that´s what it does. And that is either faulty programming because it goes against the spirit of the game, or because the execution of the program doesn´t work properly.
    This playing style is so annoying because it unbalances the game early on. If a player starts out with a slight disadvantage at the beginning, AI will target him/her, and the outcome is all too predictable. Even winning isn´t as much of a challenge under these conditions.

  • I've seen the same problem as well. Two human players, one AI. The AI will make several trades and we will accept them (without changing the cards offered), but not accept them and many times will trade 4 cards with the bank rather than just two with a human player.

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