Ridiculous dice distribution in single player (two AI players), Harbor Master game!

  • OK, I have been living with this but today's situation was so utterly ridiculous I finally decided to say something.  First of all, I play mostly in single player mode because of time rules, server issues, people not playing, getting kicked out but it is not them but the response time.  I was playing today Harbor Master with two AI players.  First of all, AI players always go from 8 or 9 (in this case 8) victory points in one turn with just a single build (in this case a settlement) but I always have to get to 11!  The supposed veteran had virtually the same resources/numbers as myself. They had 8 Ore, 10 and 11 grain, 9 wool and 5 lumber and 4 brick.  I had 8 ore , 10 and tow 5 grain (better) 9 wool, 4 lumber and 10 brick! The ONLY difference is the supposed veteran AI player got 8 sevens!  I had two 7s and the other AI player had 3!  He stole two full cities from me in resources PLUS had my three resource 8 ore blocked most of the game and we still both had 8 victory points!  Additionally, he was able to buy 4 development cards (three robbers) to my one!  I was able to move the robber off my prime resource ONLY twice!  He had 8 7s and three knights so placed the robber on me 10 times in total!  This is ridiculous!  We spend the money for this game, we invest the time to play... it sucks to lose like this.  If the dice rolls were even remotely equitable or they had a better strategy or locations, that is one thing.  But simply because the robber difference was 4 or 5 to 1???  First of all, I don't know what your weighted average/random algorithm is but I believe the odds of this actually happening with real dice and people are astronomically low!
    This is my email and my user is AllenInSLC
    Also, your "random" map in "Ore for Wool" is not random and it highly stacks the odds toward the first two players that select!

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