can't add friends to custom games

  • Hi. We are trying to play a custom game. I can see my Friends online, but i can't add any of my Friends to a custom game, and they are online (Tablet, mobile, and i'm using a laptop)

  • Make sure everyone has updated to the latest version of Catan Universe 1.8.9

    @Administrator said:

    Apple and Android version will follow soon! Please note: You won´t be able to play with Catanains using the older Client. As soon as Apple and Google have approved the update, it will be automatically released to the Stores.

  • Yes, been having this issue with my friends too.

    Check if you are all on the same version. One workaround that works for us sometimes is one of us can see the other friends and can host a game when I am not able to. So try having somebody else host the game.

    Hope this gets fixed in 1.9.0

  • @TheTilter So how do we update to latest version?

  • Hi. On browser the version is automatically updated once you close your browser and reopen it. You can see the version number in the bottom left of the main menu. It should currently state 1.9.0. If it doesn't kindly check out your respective store (App Store/ Play Store) and check whether there is an update available.
    If you're still unable to play with your friends kindly try deleting and then readding them to your friends list.

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