Old Salt Achievement 1/5 glitch

  • I have won multiple games in Seafarers, using scrolls to activate game types.
    Not sure what the problem is, but it is stuck at 1/5.
    Google search showed that this is an old (at least two years) problem, but I can not find any of the discussion threads or solutions here.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  • Finding the same sort of glitch with Cities and Knights 1/5 wins achievement and "Panderer", which involves playing the wedding card in Cities and Knights...stuck on 1/10 for that one.
    Glitch fix?

  • I'm seeing the same issue.

  • @jun6lee Another winning game gon to waste on 1.9.0 -- Salt still 1/5 @administrators

  • I'm facing the same problem too. Please help me....

  • All achievements will be reviewed for the next major update. Thanks for your patience.

  • Same issue here even after the latest update. This is frustrating. When will it be fixed?

  • still no fix to this on the latest update. Why?

  • @W22_Somerled Because apparently the priority was to shut down the resuorce cards and to mess up the trade... the needs and petitions are always pushed waaaaay away.

  • Same issue here with latest update. Three achievements stuck at progress of one: Old Salt, Squire, and Panderer.

  • Developers replied for the same issue on Steam (https://steamcommunity.com/app/544730/discussions/0/3338785229803774080/?ctp=2) that the latest update would fix the three achievements stuck at progress of 1, but it doesn't seem to apply retroactively -- you'll need to progress from 1.

  • I know "Old Salt" is working now in 2.1.

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